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I think this is overall a very well balanced take that I mostly agree with. I do think it's worth pointing out that, for people who care a lot about cooking, there are a small number of cooking tasks that no stove can do better than gas. I currently have an electric coil stove, but I am very familiar with induction stoves as well. And they really are great! But if I could pick any heat source for myself, it would be gas. Unfortunately, I'm already in that camp of "has no gas hookups" and, as you say, it's definitely not worth it to get them just for the small number of tasks that a gas stove could do better than induction.

But even aside from cost, induction stoves are not 100% superior. Most people probably won't care, and even for the few who do, it's a small number of tasks that don't come up that often, but they are real.

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Thanks. Good point that people may find some tasks where they prefer gas.

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