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We absolutely need more public funding for agriculture. Many of the things people /consumers complain about ag investment is amplified by more private funding and less public. (Some industries getting much more investment than others.)

I was recently denied by a publication because I have my own firm and they worried about a conflict of interest. I provided a client list. They regularly publish professors with research supported by ag and food companies. It's very complicated.

Thanks for pulling on this thread even if it wasn't the main purpose of the article.

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Now tell us how much methane the wild animals that will replace the cattle if the cattle are not there. There is no way that the white tail deer do not emit methane. How much is it? Why is their methane production not as bad. Every ruminate in the world emits methane. Maybe it’s the over population of wild animals in Africa that is the problem. Surely and elephant produces much more methane than a cow does. This is an insane concept people are going to eat protein and beef pork chicken have evolved over thousands of years to be excellent choices for the human species.

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